The End of Justice is a critical review of the justice system and explains how and why ignorance, apathy, and fear permit the government to act with arrogant impunity.

America is the most incarcerated country in the world. With only 5% of the global population, America has close to 25% of the prison population. Why is the supposedly “land of the free” now the land of the imprisoned? There are four key reasons: Americans are ignorant, apathetic and fearful and, consequently, subjected to the institutional arrogance of governing authorities and officials.

The End of Justice is a critical review of the American justice system. This book definitively explains how and why ignorance, apathy and fear allowed the government to conquer a once free people.

Pointedly, The End of Justice looks into history for parallels of injustices as far back as 600 years. The analysis of such dated injustice is brought forward to our current day with numerous examples of innocent men who are currently behind bars. In an effort to draw concrete conclusions as to how this incarceration epidemic came to pass, this work dissects the legal system into ten components and employs a scoring system, referred to as “The Four Corners of Justice”, that qualifies and quantifies how and why the innocent are unjustly convicted.

Using a definitive and practical means to score a legal case and conviction, the reader is forced to reject the notion that a man who is in prison MUST BE guilty. Rather, one will have no doubt that many in America’s jails and prisons do not deserve such punishment. Moreover, the reader will conclude that officials who operate within any of the ten components of the legal system exercise depraved indifference and are, in fact, intentionally corrupt.

The End of Justice offers viable solutions that are intended to mitigate the institutional arrogance so prevalent at all levels of government in America. This powerful book encourages Americans to eradicate their ignorance, apathy and fear. Americans must be in a position to know, engage and be courageous with the power that they possess. Why? Because the United States Supreme Court has stated that the American people are sovereign, that their power is the very source for state and federal limited authority. The people are the master; the government is the servant.

Since the people are ultimately at fault for the over criminalization of America, they alone must hold the government accountable to the constraints of proper and limited constitutional authority. Otherwise, we are a vanquished country.

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