American Injustice

The End of Justice is a website and book about the end of justice in America. Regrettably, most Americans are so enamored with the United States Government and government in general that healthy objectivity is excluded. Many would not even entertain that innocent people are wrongly charged and convicted. Moreover, most would not even bother to challenge the results of the system simply because they are fearful. However, if shown repeated examples of egregious indiscretion and abuse of power by the “system” and those with “titles” perhaps many would begin to appreciate that there is no justice and the people are no longer free.

We will survey cases that demonstrate miscarriages of justice. If you know of those who have been unjustly imprisoned or in any way be wronged by the America Justice System, please forward their stories to

The first case that we will examine concerns a man by the name of Orlando Carter. Mr. Carter is serving a 15 year federal prison sentence for a crime that he did not commit. In fact, it is quite impossible for him to have committed the crime of bank fraud. So, based upon the thesis presented in The End of Justice, we will apply the Four Corners of Justice diagram. As a result, we will defeat our previous level of ignorance and educate ourselves as to how and why Carter was wronged by rogue bureaucrats within the criminal justice system.

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